KUWAIT: The LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) has held the “EcoQuest” contest for the fifth time, in accordance with its mission to lead environmental efficiency at the Kuwait and regional level.

Thirty-five students from five private schools participated in a full-day competition to develop innovative approaches that contribute to preserving natural resources and protecting the eco-system, particularly as the world faces many challenges caused by climate change. The competition was sponsored by Kout Food Group in partnership with LOYAC and Shaheed Park with support from Klue.

Students participate in a farming activity as part of the competition.

The day began with an awareness session, followed by a farming activity, during which students participated in digging and planting. It also included a treasure hunt game, where students worked on solving 10 puzzles distributed across the park. Each participating school was represented by a team of seven members. Theatrical performances were presented by LAPA teachers in order to entertain students and urge them to think and innovate.

Students competed for points by solving puzzles, participating in activities or through getting the required badges. Winners must collect all the badges during the least possible time.

The winning team representing The English Academy (TEA) pose for a photo after the contest.

Each school presented an environmental project related to the challenges of climate change in Kuwait, the scarce water resources and the increased desertification rates resulting from the climate crisis. The English Academy (TEA) won first place, Lycee Francais Koweit came in second place and The American School of Kuwait was third.

Chairperson of LAPA Fareah Al-Saqqaf said the “EcoQuest” competition is important because it helps students understand the challenges and risks resulting from climate change and develop their skills in presenting serious solutions that contribute to protecting Kuwait’s environment and ensuring a better future for them and upcoming generations.