KUWAIT: Kuwait Telecommunications Company - stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced its participation in the two-day exhibition titled "small hands...big things" that was organized to guide individuals with special needs from childhood to employment. stc's participation came in line with the Company's ongoing initiative to support members of the community under its extensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) framework.

The first day of the "small hands...big things" exhibition was held at the Occupational Therapy Department at the College of Allied Health Sciences in Kuwait University. The opening of the exhibition was held in the presence of Professor Suad Al-Fadhli, Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences, whereas the second day of the exhibition was held at the Avenues Mall. The initiative helped shed light on the importance of occupational therapy for kids with special needs and how it can help develop their behavioral and learning needs.

stc expressed in a statement that its sponsorship of this great initiative further builds on the various programs the Company has participated in throughout the year to support the special needs community. The Company finds it essential to spread awareness on key topics related to the special needs community by educating the public and providing support outlets. During 2022, stc sponsored graduations and recognition ceremonies honoring students with special needs, sponsored the Center 21 summer camp initiative and RunKuwait charity marathon, as well as other initiatives that aimed to support the special needs community in Kuwait.

Danah AlJasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said, "We are proud to have played a role in this informative two-day exhibition which aimed to highlight the importance of using occupational therapy to guide those with special needs throughout the various stages of their lives. Adopting these key principles at a young age will enable individuals to thrive in their future occupations and careers. The positive outcome witnessed from participating in this event reflects the core objectives behind our extensive CSR framework."

AlJasem added, "stc actively partners with local experts and professionals to educate members of the community on various topics that enable them to pursue meaningful activities that can enhance their lifestyles. We strongly value the important role the private sector plays as a voice of action to empower and support different groups within our community."

AlJasem stressed that it is essential to drive and support the social empowerment of the special needs community, allowing them to flourish in society while considering their condition in various fields such as academic, social, cultural, or others. She also highlighted the importance of taking humanitarian action to collectively integrate this segment of individuals in various initiatives along with other segments of society.

Through its role as a leading pioneer in Kuwait's telecom sector, AlJasem expressed that stc highly supports talented young adults with special needs by empowering and highlighting their achievements. She indicated that this initiative falls under the umbrella of the "Because We Care" campaign launched under the Company's CSR framework to serve the objective of participating and supporting the community in many humanitarian and awareness initiatives aimed at increasing community awareness about various important issues in several fields.

AlJasem concluded by thanking the organizers including Professor Suad Al-Fadhli, Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences, Dr. Nasser Al-Otaibi, Head of the Occupational Therapy Department at Kuwait University, Dr. Fadda Idris, Faculty Coordinator, and Madawi Al-Fadhli, Student Event Planner, as well as all those who participated in the two-day exhibition. She added that in addition to raising awareness, stc is keen to collaborate and organize community driven events to enhance its pioneering role in the market and back the Kuwaiti society. This approach runs parallel to the key pillars identified under stc's extensive CSR framework.