KUWAIT: In an unprecedented step that is expected to create a great deal of controversy, a number of Kuwaitis plan to file an application to the Ministry of Social Affairs next month requesting the proclamation of establishing a Kuwaiti society for homosexuals, claims a newspaper report published yesterday. Speaking to Al-Rai on condition of anonymity, a group representative said the founding members include 30 Kuwaitis, and that they had been discussing this step for long before they decided applying to the ministry to license the society under the name of 'Liberty' with the aim of boosting awareness of the 'culture' of homosexuality within the society and homosexuals themselves. The 'co-founder' also said the society's membership will be open to heterosexual individuals who are aware of the issue and are ready to help molested and abused homosexual members. "We made the same request in 2007 but it was rejected, but this time we rely on international human rights and homosexuals' civil and economic rights," the co-founder said. Notably, the commerce ministry recently launched special campaigns to remove all homosexuality-related logos such as the rainbow 'gay pride' flags from public places. - Al-Rai