GAZA CITY: The death toll from the latest round of the Zionist entity's ongoing assault on Gaza has risen to 31, including six children, Palestinian health authorities said Sunday. Gaza's health ministry also said 265 people were wounded in the Zionist military strikes since Friday on different locations across the Gaza Strip, including on the densely populated Jabalia refugee camp. An AFP photographer saw six dead bodies at the local hospital, including three minors. "We were sitting in the street and suddenly we saw an explosion," said Muhammad Abu Sadaa, describing the devastation in Jabalia. "We came running to the place and found body parts lying on the ground... they were torn-apart children."

The Zionist entity's military had warned Saturday deadly air strikes in Gaza could last a week. It claimed it was necessary to launch a "pre-emptive" operation against the Islamic Jihad, claiming the group was planning an imminent attack following days of tensions along the border with Gaza. A five-year-old girl was among 15 people killed in Gaza on Friday, health authorities said, adding that more than 140 have been wounded. Daily life in Gaza has come to a standstill, while the electricity distributor said the sole power station shut down due to a lack of fuel. Gaza's health ministry said the next few hours will be "crucial and difficult", warning it risked suspending vital services within 72 hours as a result of the lack of electricity. In Gaza City, resident Dounia Ismail said the Israeli bombardment "brings back images of fear, anxiety and the feeling that we are all alone".