KUWAIT: A shepherd committed suicide at his sponsor's animal pen. The sponsor told police he found the shepherd hanging from the ceiling. The body was recovered by the coroner, and investigations are underway.


An Egyptian man working in the construction business told an Iranian and a bedoon he needed a large quantity of gravel, as they made him believe they had a contracting company. The Egyptian handed them KD 30,750, but days went by without delivery. So he went to Khaitan police station and lodged a complaint. Detectives located the bedoon's residence in Khaitan and arrested him. He was found wanted for 11 swindling cases, and told police where his partner was. The Iranian said he had transferred his share to his country, and returned KD 1,340, which was all that was left.

Financial crimes detectives arrested a Syrian man for sorcery, who charged KD 450 per session. The Syrian claimed he could make a woman love a man, drive a wedge between couples, etc. Detectives acted after receiving several complaints from his victims who did not get what they paid for. An undercover agent was sent to him, who paid him KD 200 and promised to pay KD 250 after the job is done. Police found sorcery tools and herbs in addition to pictures of men and women with their mothers' names.

Pharmacist arrested

An Egyptian woman turned the pharmacy she managed into an outlet for selling medicines she got from the health ministry at half price. Detectives' investigations revealed that the pharmacist used an Asian cleaning worker who works in a government hospital to bring certain medicines at cheap prices, then she resold them. Detectives raided the pharmacy and found a large quantity of drugs in the toilet, and a similar amount in the trunk of her car. The pharmacist confessed to selling the drugs and told police about more drugs in her Salmiya apartment.


A fight broke out between women in a multipurpose hall, when one of the guests started to take pictures with her smartphone. The party organizer became angry and the two got into a fight. The incident is being investigated by police. - Al-Rai