KUWAIT: The National Assembly is scheduled to hold regular sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss articles listed on its work agenda, mainly to consider interpellation of Foreign Minister and State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Sabah, as well as look into government work plan.

The session will begin with rectifying session transcripts, queries and incoming letters, followed by the four-axis grilling motion submitted by MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizeri. The interpellation will be in regards to "squandering of public funds", "breaching of laws and mismanagement", "failure of protecting country's political interests", and "non-adherence to international treaties and documents", according to the interrogating MP.

Article 100 of the Kuwaiti Constitution grants members of parliament the ability to file an interrogation request against the prime minister and cabinet ministers about affairs relating to their duties and responsibilities.

The assembly will then address government work plan for the years 2021/2022 - 2024-2025, in application of article 98 of the constitution. Further on the session's agenda is a host of parliamentary committees' reports of draft laws, amendments and proposals, amongst which, is the foreign affairs parliamentary committee proposal on amending law boycotting the Zionist entity and suggesting law prohibiting dealing with and normalizing the Zionist entity and its organizations.

The session will also be handling reports relating to domestic affairs including committee tasked with addressing conditions of stateless people report on civil, legal, social and employment rights of stateless people. - KUNA