KUWAIT: School canteens will not reopen when students return to class next month. The Ministry of Education released a statement yesterday in which it announced that canteens will remain closed when schools welcome students again for the first time in nearly a year and a half on October 3. Furthermore, the ministry released a list of food items that children are allowed to bring in with them to school, and another list for food items that are banned for health reasons.

The list of allowed food items includes low-fat and zero-fat dairy products, juices, fruits and vegetables (fresh and dried), in addition to sandwiches containing white or yellow cheese (low in fat and salt), falafel, labnah, cheese with zaatar and labna with zaatar. As well as nuts and biscuits.

Foods that are prohibited from school include energy products including energy drinks, caffeinated drinks, all types of soda drinks, iced tea, full-fat dairy products, pure chocolate, jelly, ice cream, all fried foods, cakes, donuts, croissant, items containing trans fats, spicy foods such as liquid and dried chili, as well as food items with added sodium glutamate.