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Saudi offer to send troops comes with uncertainty

KUWAIT: The Office of the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Research and Graduate Studies at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University, in collaboration with the Master’s Program in Quranic Sciences, organized a lecture as part of the “Hathiq” program series.

The lecture, titled “The Language of the Noble Quran between Brevity and Redundancy”, was delivered by visiting guest Dr Abdel Fattah Muhammad Khader, the Dean of the Faculty of the Noble Quran at Al-Azhar University. The event took place on Tuesday at the Faculty of Sharia at the Kaifan campus.

Dr Saud Al-Ajmi extended a warm welcome to the guest and the attendees, including college students. Dr Khader addressed the audience, exploring the concepts of brevity and redundancy in the Holy Quran and delving into the perspectives of scholars on these linguistic aspects. He also discussed the rhetorical purposes associated with each of these linguistic forms.

Concluding his speech, Dr Khader emphasized the miraculous nature of brevity and redundancy in the Holy Quran. He wrapped up the lecture by providing practical examples and applications from the Holy Quran to illustrate the themes discussed.

In his closing remarks, Dr Ajmi expressed gratitude to the visiting guest for dedicating time to the students of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University and for delivering this insightful lecture.

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