KUWAIT: Kuwait Automotive Imports Co (Al Shaya & Al Sagar), the official Dealers for Royal Enfield, organized the 11th edition of the One Ride event for Royal Enfield enthusiasts in Kuwait. In April 2011, 11 years ago, the first One Ride kickstarted, which has now transformed into one of the largest, calendared, annual celebratory ride of Royal Enfield enthusiasts.

With a specific route and destination in mind, some on their own, others with friends - ride freely - purely for the pleasure of motorcycling on their Royal Enfields, a world greatly changed, a world that needs each one of us to be more mindful. We are shifting gears from a ride of just pure pleasure to riding for awareness around responsible travel. A change that will enable us to continue discovering the spaces in which we find energy, beauty, solace, and ourselves. This One ride, the community of Royal Enfield riders, can mobilize their strength to lead this change towards responsible travel by doing their little bit to #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter.

Ashish Tandon, General Manager of KAICO Al Shaya & Al Sagar, said: "We are glad to be associated with a premium brand like Royal Enfield. Through this event, we express the unity that brings together all Royal Enfield riders and encourage the rider community." He announced a special offer of a two-year free service package for new Royal Enfield owners. Vinu Kumar, Sr Divisional Manager (Fleet & Leasing) at KAICO Al Shaya & Al Sagar, a passionate rider himself, said: "It's a great initiative taken to interact with the rider community and address their issues and challenges, providing an amicable solution."

Issa Abdallah, Marketing Manager of KAICO Al Shaya & Al Sager added: "It was a pleasure to host Royal Enfield enthusiasts in Kuwait. Getting in touch with the riders again on the occasion of One Ride 2022 was a timely opportunity to encourage them to become change agents while they are sensitized about the local ecosystem, community and challenges to ensure that they do their bit".

KAICO team's Shaik Badiur Rahman and Mohamed Ali Koudhai were also present at the event to socialize and communicate with the riders, welcoming them for a check-up of their motorcycles at the dealership. The global adventure touring has successfully established itself as a genuinely worldwide motorcycle and has been among the most sought-after bike for Royal Enfield across several geographies.

The Himalayan 410cc, the event's star, is available at an exceptional price. Developed in 2016, Himalayan was a category first and a very versatile and accessible motorcycle. Over the years, together with feedback from our riding community, we have consistently evolved the Himalayan design and functionality and improved the overall ride experience. This has resonated very well with millions of adventure enthusiasts worldwide, who now have new variants to choose from. The new Royal Enfield Himalayan will be available in three new colourways - the new Granite Grey, Mirage Silver, and Pine Green.

Inspired by the newly launched motorcycle, Royal Enfield has also bought a new range of apparel. The collection also has a lifestyle apparel range, consisting of a lightweight jersey with armor pockets on shoulders and elbows and a curated range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and headgear. These will be available across the Royal Enfield dealerships in Kuwait.