As part of our occasional series exploring the various areas of Kuwait, Kuwait Times recently visited Fahaheel, one of the busiest areas during the weekends. Fahaheel is a part of Ahmadi governorate. It is located east of Ahmadi on the coast, with several shopping malls and nice cafes on the seaside, which has made the area an attraction for people on the weekends. The Kuwaiti family, Al-Dabbous, is also well known in the area and built many of the businesses there.

Al-Kout Mall sometimes organizes live music on the weekends and has a great water fountain display. A new three-storey building is the latest addition to the development of Kout mall. The mall offers all family members the finest shopping and entertainment experience at the same time. The deck outside the food court overlooking the courtyard and the sea is very calm and peaceful.

Salma Ahmed, 37, with two sons in tow, told Kuwait Times that Kout Mall is characterized by contemporary and attractive architectural designs, serving the area's residents and visitors from abroad. "My family spends a lot of time having fun shopping, watching movies or relaxing in the deck outside the mall," she said.

The area has a number of restaurants and beaches. But for Saleh Al-Turki, 46, these modern attractions have ruined the area. "Fahaheel was a nice and quiet area for Kuwaiti families. But with all these modern places such as restaurants and malls, all kinds of people come here. Also, they are always working in the area, and the sound of construction is so annoying," he complained.

Turki is not happy with changes that took place in the past 10 years. He said Fahaheel was a decent area with respectful gatherings, not live music and liberal young people. "Fahaheel is one of the most famous areas in Kuwait, and was known for its families and its adherence to traditions. However, urbanization and modernization began to change the old city with high-rises, markets and modern shopping malls filled with chaos," he said.

Khalid Al-Dossari said that the problem of modern Fahaheel is the commercial markets with no parking lots. "This causes disruption of traffic, especially at the entrances and exits of the area. During Eid, school time and in Ramadan, traffic is doubled. It is difficult for people to return to their homes or go to the malls because of the traffic jams," he told Kuwait Times.

By Faten Omar