KUWAIT: These pictures released by Kuwait's Ministry of Defense show a Kuwait Air Force plane landing in Kuwait with medical supplies from China.

KUWAIT: Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) announced Sunday arrival of respirators and personal protective gear that it has purchased from China for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health. KFAS has purchased the medical devices and kits as part of its program of emergency response for stemming spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dr Amani Al-Bedah, the deputy director general for back-up programs, said in a statement that the foundation bought and imported more than 170 respirators and a large amount of medical protective gear. More planeloads of such equipment are expected in the country during this week. Bedah said these equipment have been obtained for upgrading the national health system to treat critical conditions.

KFAS has allotted KD 5 million ($16.5 million) to purchase required devices, she said, adding that two planeloads of such supplies would arrive in Kuwait next week to equip "frontline personnel" helping in the combat against the contagion. KFAS's emergency response program, declared in middle of March, is one of the largest national programs for backing government effort -- with an allocated budget of KD 10 million ($33 million).