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Residency transfer after 3 years without the employer’s consent - Speaker says proposed power charges ‘very high’

KUWAIT: A delegation from the External Information Department at the Ministry of Information visited the headquarters of the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Wednesday, during which its members were briefed on the mechanism of its work in various sectors, departments, and news services, especially the information and research center, the KUNA smart Oasis, and the rest of the agency’s departments.

During their visit to the KUNA’s Information and Research Center, the members of the delegation got acquainted with the scientific role and professional methodology in dealing with news and information. The center provided a comprehensive presentation on the processes of archiving, compiling, and classifying news materials and various forms of media materials, as well as the preparation of reports, studies, periodicals, and research.

The members of the delegation also toured the KUNA Smart Oasis and learned about the nature of its work, the importance of its role in keeping pace with the new media concept, and the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the media.

During the visit, the director of External Information Affairs at the Ministry, Aisha Al-Asusi, praised the role media (KUNA) play as a reliable source of local and international news. Al-Asusi pointed out the need for continued fruitful cooperation between KUNA and the Ministry’s external media sector in order to improve the message of the Kuwaiti media as a whole. — KUNA

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