KUWAIT: A report dealing with the government's policy to replace expatriate employees with Kuwaiti jobseekers was placed on the National Assembly's agenda for next month. The report tackles a wide range of topics, said sources familiar with the report, adding that the government has received a copy to discuss recommendations and formulate an opinion before the awaited session.

The report includes many recommendations such as setting a percentages for employment in the private sector, reviewing the current percentages, as well as 'rationalizing' the recruitment of expat labor and limiting it to projects' needs while requiring that workers must leave as soon as the projects are complete, said the sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The recommendations also stipulate revoking licenses of certain jobs, adding more restrictions to transferring expat laborer's work permit, and banning the employment of expats in 'sensitive areas' such as traffic, passports, airport security and civil information departments, said the sources.

By A Saleh