LONDON: Queen Elizabeth II honored Kuwait's Ambassador to the UK Khaled Al-Duwaisan with the Order of St Michael and St George, which was launched by King George IV in 1818. Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps Allistair Harrison said the order is a rare and exceptional honoring, presented by the Queen to an outgoing foreign ambassador, in appreciation of his efforts in boosting ties between the two countries.

He hailed the efforts of Ambassador Al-Duwaisan, who had attended all diplomatic events and meetings in the kingdom and had served for 30 years in the country. In appreciation of the ambassador, the Queen sent a special car from the Buckingham Palace to bring the ambassador and his wife for the honoring, Harrison noted. On his part, Duwaisan said he had a video-meeting with the Queen while in the palace, adding that his success in representing Kuwait was part of the Kuwaiti government's support.Al-Duwaisan has been Kuwait's ambassador in London since 1992 and became head of the diplomatic field in 2002.