KUWAIT: Robert Hayek (second right) and Ahmed Abdulkarim (second left) during the announcement.

KUWAIT: Q'go Group for Tourism and Travel Agencies announced, in a special ceremony organized at Symphony Style Hotel, the inauguration of operational flights for Flyadeal Airlines, the economic arm of Saudi Airlines in Kuwait, by operating a flight from Riyadh to Kuwait in the initial stage. The announcement was made by General Manager of Q'go Group for Travel and Tourism Agencies Robert Hayek and Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Customer Service at flyadeal Airlines Ahmed Abdulkarim in the presence of a large number of representatives of travel agencies and travel and tourism officials.

On this occasion, Hayek, said: "We are very pleased to cooperate with flyadeal, the most powerful company in the air transport industry in the Middle East. The exchange between the two parties enhances the position of "Q'go" as one of the leading local companies with more than 35 years of experience in managing operations of local, regional and international airlines. He pointed out that "QGo"'s the exclusive representation and the eighth representation of international airlines in Kuwait within the company's strategy to collaborate and associate only with the best.

He added, "Our celebration today coincides with the second anniversary of changing the name of our company from the Body Aviation Group to the Q'go Group in November 2019. The Gulf Street was adorned with our posters and slogans --Body Aviation Group Goes Global, We Became the Q'go Group --, announcing the resumption of the company's journey towards achieving global leadership," he said. Strong and solid after the pandemic, flyadeal will be the ideal and preferred Saudi carrier for travelers wishing to attend activities, events, entertainment, cultural and artistic programs in Riyadh.

Q'go's focus on providing tickets and offers for flyadeal will be characterized by its attractive prices. Suitable for all and different levels of travelers between the two countries, it starts from 259 Saudi riyals from Riyadh to Kuwait and KD 21.900 for trips from Kuwait to Riyadh. This will be followed by the inauguration of new destinations from Kuwait to the rest of the cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to promising future expansion plans," he added. He pointed to a number of factors that would contribute to increasing the demand for flyadeal for travelers from Kuwait, the most important of which is the announcement of a return to normal life in the country and easing of coronavirus restrictions.

He concluded by revealing the launch of a comprehensive development plan for Q'go Online Group website in line with the latest digital technologies, providing integrated services that help the Kuwaiti and resident traveler choose the most suitable for planning their trips and enjoying competitive prices. Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Customer Service at flyadeal Ahmed Abdulkarim said that the opening of the new Kuwait destination and its addition to the company's network of flights and destinations, which after the new addition amounted to 15 domestic and international destinations, is a milestone event.

It comes as an extension of the continuous successes of flyadeal and its endeavor to achieve the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 that supports the national civil aviation strategy through the expansion of its local and regional flights network in order to keep pace with the rapid growth in the air transport industry market in the Kingdom and the region. Its efforts to connect the Kingdom with the outside world with economic flights offer various travel options at competitive prices.

He added that the launch of the new destination to Kuwait will contribute to strengthening the bonds of relations between the people of the two brotherly countries. He noted that the Kuwait destination is the company's second international destination as the Dubai station was inaugurated in July. At the conclusion of his speech, Abdul Karim highlighted the company's achievements, explaining that it had successfully transported nearly 13 million passengers on 86,000 flights since the beginning of its operations about four years ago until today.

These numbers and statistics are unprecedented at the level of emerging airlines globally confirming the merit of the company and its employees in obtaining the title of the strongest emerging airline in the region and the Middle East. Revealing the company's ambitious future expansion plan in the Asia Pacific region and the Americas, he said the company expects to transport around 85 million passengers a year from 200 different destinations in the world by 2030.