Dr Mohammad Al-Ghanim

KUWAIT: Head of the urology unit at Jaber Armed Forces Hospital Dr Mohammad Al-Ghanim said prostate cancer is fatal if not discovered early, adding that those aged 50 years and above should undergo tests and medical checkups. He said prostate cancer is the most widespread type of cancer among men in Kuwait, so awareness is very important for early discovery, which can save thousands of lives.

Ghanim said the cause of prostate cancer is unknown, in addition to other factors such as it being hereditary, in addition to old age and geography, as it mostly occurs in America, Africa and Europe than in Asia and the Middle East. He said the disease can be called a 'silent killer', because it does not have any warning symptoms, which makes early discovery very crucial, which can be done through periodical examinations for those aged between 50 to 70 in most cases.

Ghanem added that treatment of the disease is done in several ways, including surgery. New radiation treatments, done externally and internally, are also available. In many cases, patients are treated with hormones, which help the body stop producing testosterone, while some medicines also keep testosterone from reaching the cells. Chemotherapy and biological treatment are also available, but it depends on the severity of the disease.

By Abdellatif Sharaa