KUWAIT: A map showing the suggested routes of Kuwait's metropolitan rapid transit system network.

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Roads and Transport (PART) recently announced its new construction projects plan including the features of the metro project due to be executed in Kuwait. According to the plan, the metro project is targeted to be built in order to provide a rapid means of transport within urban areas, which is due to start from the business center in downtown Kuwait City and head to different directions thereof. PART has not provided a timetable for the project's execution as part of the plan, however.

The Metropolitan Rapid Transit System Project (KMRT) will be built over five phases stretching over 160 kilometers, and will have 68 stations along three lines, according to the plan. The first phase of the project includes a railway stretching 50 kilometers from Kuwait City to Kuwait International Airport, with 27 new stations, 30 percent of which will be underground with two underground stations, heavy duty maintenance warehouse. The first phase will cover areas in several governorates and include nine stations within Kuwait's business center.

PART added that the project would have a great economic impact as it provides a high capacity transport system, reduces the cost of transport and cuts down the cost and time of each trip by saving much of the time usually wasted in traffic congestions.

Socially speaking, the project will provide a reasonably priced, fast and comfortable means of transport that will help urban expansion plans and provide social communication, especially for those with special needs. Environmentally speaking, the metro will use less energy and will thus help reduce polluting emissions such carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon and others. - Al-Rai