By Sawsan Saleh

KUWAIT: Choosing your profession is one of the most difficult decisions, simply because it is a huge part of your life and it can affect your mental health, as it can either be a huge relief in your life or you can suffer every day for the rest of your life. People can choose their profession based on different motivations-either they follow their passion or accept any available paid job. This can have different consequences in the long run.

Kuwait times interviewed citizens and residents with different perspectives and experiences to share their opinions about this topic.

Fatima Al-Zahra

Fatima Al-Zahra believes "people should pursue their passion because this will keep them happy in the long term, rather than doing a desk job. This will not work because when you are not passionate about it, you will be doing only what you need to do and at the end of the day you have nothing new to learn-you will be repeating it again and again and you will get bored of it."

Jafar Al-Haq said "I am working on my profession; I love my career choice because I can serve people as a future doctor. It is fun to have a passion and some people are lucky to find it in their same career." Maya suggests a different but practical opinion when she says, "people must accept a paid job to support their families and ignore their dreams instead."

Regarding the availability of job opportunities that can fulfill our passion, Al-Zahra said, " Not in Kuwait! Not many opportunities are available for expats, unfortunately. " Fouad Mohammad added more to this point and said, "there are not many opportunities these days that satisfy us and the reason behind it is complicated because there is a lot of corruption in the government and people are being differentiated, so youngsters like us struggle as we work hard."

Lisa kiani

On the other hand, Lisa Kiani believes, "there are jobs out there that will fulfill your passion and if not, then that's a great chance for you to start your own business and be creative with your profession."

Meanwhile, Abeer Ibrahim explained, "Modern life has a huge impact on job availability nowadays, to be precise. The majority of firms demand technical skills, otherwise, you will not get the position. For instance, some countries like Kuwait encourage students to select specializations related to technology because it's the language of this era, instead of typical ones like accountancy or political science."

It is a real conflict between the heart and the head, that requires deep thought about it, to choose between your dream job or to apply for any vacancy which can sometimes be a real waste of energy.