KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Housing Welfare announced the completion of infrastructure of a low-cost residential project that can accommodate 9,800 houses. "The project started in December 2018. Each plot will be of an area of 200 sq m. The project has a water tank with a capacity of 250,000 gallons with a well for underground water to replenish it, as well as power stations and transformers. The low-cost housing project, located 16 km from Jahra, will replace makeshift houses in Taima and Sulaibiya," the authority said in a press release.

The project includes an investment residential area and public buildings, as well as an area for warehouses and services. Three tenders will be issued for houses and buildings, including three kindergartens, 10 primary schools, six secondary schools, eight intermediate schools, 14 mosques, two main mosques, eight main power stations, fire and ambulance stations, a center for girls, a youth center, three public parks, two private schools, three Quranic institutes, a Holy Quran memorization house, two police stations, two gas branches, four branches of local banks and an elderly care center and office.

The area will also include a specialized health center, a public clinic, a telephone exchange, a main central market, wedding halls for men and women, a community development center, a social center, a government complex, a Zakat House, a garage, a water purification plant, a sewage station, freshwater towers and a green belt of an area of 138,500 sq m to prevent sand encroachment.