ooredooKUWAIT: Ooredoo Kuwait, part of Ooredoo International Group, has launched new Internet packages offering unrivalled performance and flexibility. Ooredoo's revamped data packages not only allow its customers to access as much Internet content as they like, whenever they like, without the inconvenience of daily caps - but also allow unused data services to roll-over into the following month. Additionally, customers have the option of coupling their offers with new pocket or fixed routers, as well as choose from a selection of devices such as tablets in addition to the gaming console. The capacity of current customers' packs will be upgraded automatically without any changes in price, commitment or in terms and conditions.  Customers will also have the option of opting in to the new Ooredoo packages free of charge

Mijbil Alayoub, Director of Corporate Communications at Ooredoo Kuwait said: "Ooredoo's revamped internet plans are available without a fixed-term contract and offer a variety of other benefits. These include the ability to get two SIM cards, sharing the same internet subscription between two devices for customers subscribing to 500GB or 1TB data packages."

Ooredoo offers 5 new internet packs, serving customers of different usage whether they are light surfers or heavy video gamers who need large internet capacity to download content, starting from KD 6 a month. Customers can track their usage in real time and buy extra packs to their convenience on the easy control panel page, which is intuitive and easily accessible.