ontimeKUWAIT: Ontime, Trinkets and Fossil recently conducted the quarterly Outstanding Performers event where they recognized talent and applauded the extraordinary performance of staff members across branches, for the third quarter of 2015. The event was held on November 30th 2015, at the Salwa Al-Sabah Ballroom in Salmiya.

The staff members were given awards across categories like the highest transaction value, highest average UPT, highest percentage of selling units per store and highest individual budget achieved.

Commenting on the event, Mohamed Y Al-Sager, Managing Partner, Alyasra Fashion said, "We have great confidence in the talent and capabilities of our diverse teams. They have been exemplary team players, strong, efficient and rearing to take up new challenges in 2016. I would like to thank every member of our staff for their continuous efforts and commitment. They are the true reason behind our success."

The event that started with the senior management addressing the august gathering, was followed by welcoming of new joiners, the awarding ceremony, a trivia quiz and raffle draw contest. In line with business' approach towards rewards and recognition, the event left the teams feeling appreciated, entertained and motivated to perform and achieve their true potential. As a group that understands and immensely values team effort, Ontime, Trinkets and Fossil look forward to conquering greater heights in the year 2016.