This photo released on June 28, 2016 shows US-backed Syrian rebels of the New Syrian Army running in an unknown place in Syria. - AP
This photo released on June 28, 2016 shows US-backed Syrian rebels of the New Syrian Army running in an unknown place in Syria. - AP
New Syrian US-backed force stumbles in test - Swift, humiliating defeat for army

Kuwait: After 9 thrilling days, Zain awarded the winners of its third Alshaheed Park Ramadan Challenge that came in strategic partnership with Suffix Events. This year, over 800 participants joined the exciting competition to compete, collect kilometers, and top the leaderboard.

The winners were celebrated at Alshaheed Park - Phase 1, joined by Zain Kuwait Chief Corporate Affairs and Relations Officer Waleed Al Khashti, Zain Kuwait Corporate Relations Department Manager Hamad Al Musaibeeh, Suffix Chief Operations Officer Ahmad Al Majed, Zain and Suffix teams, and the first place winners in each category.

The competition’s third season was a great success, with over 800 participants joining in four different age groups each for males and females: 20 years and below, 20-34 years, 35-49 years, and 50+ years. In addition, the Zain Kids Race was joined by over 280 children, and over 50 participants with special needs joined the Down Syndrome Day race.

The challenge ran for 9 consecutive days at Alshaheed Park and offered people of all ages a great opportunity to join by speed-walking or running at their own time and pace. Participants collected distance points based on how many kilometers they covered and competed to top the leaderboard. Those who wanted extra points joined the special workouts held at the park.

Zain’s support to this unique sports initiative for the third year running sprung from the company’s strategy to support health and sports programs in the community, especially during the Holy Month. In its past seasons, the Zain Alshaheed Park Ramadan Challenge was highly successful with thousands of adults and children joining in to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle during the month of fasting.

This year, six of Zain’s strategic community partners, including Suffix, joined its annual Ramadan social campaign, Zain Alshuhoor. The campaign featured a wide range of humanitarian, charitable, social, religious, health, and sports programs that continued throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Zain Alshuhoor is one of Kuwait’s biggest and most successful community programs during the Holy Month. Every year, the company introduces a bigger, renewed version of the campaign that expands upon the previous year’s initiatives and programs. The campaign strives to share the blessings of this much-cherished month with the entire Kuwaiti people.

Hamad Al Musaibeeh joins in awarding the winners.
Hamad Al Musaibeeh joins in awarding the winners.

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