Thayar Sharif

KUWAIT: With a new and impressive achievement amongst the investment companies, NCM Investment won a new award that is added to the company's rich list of already existing ones over the past years, as it secured the title of the "Most Reliable Forex Broker of the Year 2021" from World Business Outlook.

NCM Investment gaining this prestigious award from World business Outlook, which is a world-leading magazine, is the culmination of the company's journey and exceptional successes at various levels during 2021, confirming once again its well-established position as one of the top leading investment and online trading company in Kuwait and the region.

NCM Investment stated that the World Business Outlook Foundation honored the company's team, led by the Chief Financial Officer, Thayar Sharif, who also received the award for the "Best regional CFO 2021". Thayar Sharif in his statement said that, "Receiving this international recognition from a world reputable organization such as the World Business Outlook is evidence of the ability and efficiency of the company's team in providing advanced, innovative services and products.

We are pleased with this honor, as we are always amongst the first companies present in International economic and financial forums. It is the second award that the company receives during this year, as we had won the award for the "Best certified online broker in GCC" at the Dubai Forex Expo 2021, held last September."

Sharif further in his statement said that NCM Investment receiving the award for the most reliable forex broker is something to be proud for the company and all of our employees, as maintaining customers' trust and loyalty despite the increase in fake companies and fraud cases is not that simple. Digital transformation of cutting edge techniques met NCM's ambitious target to become climate positive during pandemic.

Since the first day of its establishment, we have had the ability to maintain this trust and support it with credibility and safety, which has continued over the years. NCM Investment has worked for more than a decade where professionalism, efficiency, and trust are still the basic building blocks in the continuation of its business till this day."

NCM concluded in its statements by thanking the team of professionals working in it, especially with their recent efforts after the opening of customer service for 24/6 and the new update of the NCM Investment application for smartphones, which became very popular and contributed to increasing the number of users and facilitating all operations related to online trading.

It is worth noting that World Business Outlook is an online and printed magazine that provides assessments, analyzes, and comprehensive coverage of the financial industry, international business, and the global economy. Its awards are based on numbers, financial data, approved growth rates, and globally recognized technical standards to measure the stability of the performance of specialized companies.