By Shakir Reshamwala

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times and Kuwait News welcomed high school students enrolled in National Bank of Kuwait's summer training program on a field trip to its offices on Thursday. The students visited various departments of the newspaper, learning about print media in Kuwait.


The students had a glimpse into how editors, reporters, designers and proofreaders collaborate to bring out the paper on time day after day. They learned about the progression of the paper from the manual to the digital era, and how technology has changed the media landscape and industry. The inquisitive young trainees had a lot of questions to ask during the interactive session.

After visiting the newsroom, the students were given access to the archive section of Kuwait Times, home to decades of history, and witnessed the evolution of the newspaper over the years. They then toured the printing press onsite, where the paper is printed every night to be distributed all over Kuwait, helping people begin their day with their favorite source of news.

But the youngsters were in for a surprise, as a commemorative issue on their visit was printed right in front of them, delighting them immensely. The visit to Kuwait Times was part of the program's fourth and final course for the year. The program aims to support young students and give them the opportunity to enhance their skills and prepare them to enter the workforce through an intensive training program, as part of NBK’s social responsibility.

The program includes a number of training subjects for students, like teamwork, creative thinking and the best ways for self-expression, as well as professional ways to interact with customers. Moreover, the program offers the latest and best standards through advanced academics and training.