KUWAIT: Police are investigating a possible murder-suicide case involving a Bneid Al-Qar resident believed to have stabbed his girlfriend to death before taking his own life. Police and paramedics headed to a building in the area in response to an emergency call, and found an Asian man lying dead in the building's yard. Investigations revealed that the man had leaped to his death from a seventh floor apartment, where police later found a woman dead from a stab wound in the neck. Preliminary investigations indicate that the man likely killed his girlfriend following a dispute then committed suicide. Police could not find any IDs on the scene. Investigations are ongoing to identify the two and reveal the exact circumstances of the case.


Traffic dispute

A man and a woman, both citizens, got into a dispute over traffic. The dispute escalated, resulting in an assault while causing a traffic jam. Police took both to the police station and charged them accordingly.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies