Kuwait: Murals honoring the 1,317 Kuwaiti martyrs who lost their lives in defense of their homeland, were sent Monday by the Martyr's Bureau to the Ministry of education.

The 836 murals were dispersed across schools of all levels, and in all six governorates to serve as a reminder to younger generations of the martyrs' significant sacrifice, the bureau said in a statement.

Number of schools in Kuwait Capital Governorate amounted to 165 schools whereas 127 schools are located in Al-Jahraa governorate, 155 in Al-Farwaniyah, 104 Mubarak Al-Kabeer, 181 in Al-Ahmadi and 113 schools in Hawally governorate, it added.

The Bureau reiterated its commitment to the memory of the martyrs, and noted the role of the education ministry in commemorating their stories.