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Municipality reports bank guarantee forgery

KUWAIT: The ministry of education engaged in discussions with the ministry of information on Thursday to outline a plan aimed at printing the largest batch of textbooks using the government printing press. The objective behind this initiative is to boost government revenues and adhere to the policy of spending rationalization.

Anwar Al-Hamdan, acting undersecretary of the ministry of education and acting assistant undersecretary for educational research and curricula, shared details after her meeting with Lafi Al-Subaie, undersecretary of the ministry of information for the press, publishing and printing sector. Hamdan highlighted that this collaboration is part of the effort to activate the media strategy, building on the success of the initial experiment in printing schoolbooks in 1975.

The meeting delved into the completion status and accuracy of the textbooks for the 2023-2024 academic year, addressing challenges faced. Hamdan emphasized the development of a future plan in cooperation with the media to increase the number of printed textbooks to 70, aligning with the curriculum development department. It was stressed that the focus should be on expediting the printing of schoolbooks at the government printing press, ensuring approval, streamlining financial processes and verifying the readiness of the government printing press to accommodate the proposed plan.

An agreement was reached during the meeting to establish a working team comprising representatives from both ministries, including those from the financial department, supplies, warehouses and other relevant departments. The purpose of this team is to create a comprehensive timeline for printing schoolbooks with the government printing press for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Hamdan revealed that the two ministries are aiming to print approximately 20 schoolbooks before the end of the current fiscal year, specifically by March, leveraging the available time and budget to prepare for the upcoming academic year.

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