KUWAIT: The head of the structural plan committee of the Municipal Council Sharifa Al-Shalfan said on Sunday the fourth structural plan consists of three urban areas covering a total of around 6 million people by 2040. "The urban area will include the financial and commercial center of the country, in addition to the retail sector and tourist areas," Shalfan said.

"The country's fourth structural plan will soon see the light to contribute to the implementation of Kuwait's development plan and its aspirations to promote sustainable development programs, raise the quality of life of residents, support the private sector and improve Kuwait's regional and global position," she said.

"The executive body of the Municipality presented for the first time to the Municipal Council a general summary of the fourth structural plan of the country for 2040 so that members can make their observations and opinions on what it includes in preparation for its issuance by decree. The council only viewed a general summary of this plan and not the overall plan including details, maps, charts, data and information, which will be studied in a comprehensive manner and make final notes will be made," Shalfan explained.

"Due to the importance of the state's general structural plan and its connection to the implementation of the state's future plans, and because future decisions will be based on it, a temporary committee has been established at the current Municipal Council to study it and make observations on it. The committee is made up of seven members from the Municipal Council and includes a number of experienced academics, engineers and architects from the private and public sectors," she said.

"The importance of the plan in setting a vision for future population densities, projections for the number of workers and the relationship between workplaces, housing and means of transportation is to link them. Moreover, the importance comes from developing new concepts and planning methods, including building systems and planning regulations, to introduce modern urban planning concepts, including mixed land uses, improving the level of public spaces in the city and providing an environment suitable for pedestrians," Shalfan added.

"The fourth masterplan includes recommendations and policies for implementation within timeframes for the implementation of related projects, which are supported by geographic information systems," she said, adding the council's priority is to support urban development in the country.