KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality emergency teams showed a great deal of readiness and capability to immediately handle flooding resulting from Monday's heavy rains, said the municipality's public relations department, noting that the emergency teams responded to all distress calls received on its hotline 139. The municipality added that its teams hoovered 111 truckloads of water, removed 85 truckloads of fallen trees and branches, dealt with 15 distress calls and cleared 15 blocked rain drainage manholes.

The municipality explained that Farwaniya emergency teams removed 10 truckloads of water and 10 truckloads of tree debris from Khaitan, Farwaniya, Ishbiliya and Mohammed Ibn Al-Qassim Street using 40 cleaners, seven trucks, six large and two small bulldozers, two water tankers and two half-lorries.

Meanwhile, Capital teams removed 27 truckloads of water and four truckloads of tree debris from Mubarakiya, Jaber Al-Ahmad, Doha, Sulaibikhat and Sharq, Cairo, Shaheed, Jamal Abdul Nasser, Canada Dry and Damascus streets, and the first, second and third ring roads using 49 cleaners, four sewage water tankers, six water suction machines and two lorries for over six hours.

Jahra teams also removed 26 truckloads of water and six truckloads of tree debris from Abdali, Salmi, Jahra, Saad Al-Abdullah, Naseem, Naeem, Kabd and Sulaibiya using 90 cleaners, five trucks, six bulldozers, two sewage water tankers, two lorries and two water pumps.

In addition, Ahmadi teams removed five truckloads of water from Fahd Al-Ahmad, Mangaf and Sabahiya using 30 cleaners, six trucks, three bulldozers and three water tankers. Mubarak Al-Kabeer teams removed five truckloads of water from Sabah Al-Salem, Subhan and Abul Hassaniya using 10 cleaners and two water tankers. Hawally teams removed 40 truckloads of water and 65 truckloads of tree debris, cleared 15 drainage manholes and responded to 15 distress calls using 150 cleaners, 26 large and 17 small trucks, 29 lorries, 14 bulldozers, two water tankers, four electric saws and an oxygen cylinder.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi