2013_Gulf_Cup_of_NationsKUWAIT: MP Askar Al-Enezi expressed regret at the decision to postpone the 23rd Gulf Cup soccer tournament set to be held in Kuwait for a year. He said the move is a "shameful decision that caused the dismay of the sports community, especially that it does not agree with Kuwait's sports ability." He noted that taking the decision unilaterally embarrassed Kuwait in front of GCC countries, adding, "the government should have a stand against the chaos in the sport and it is not right to deprive Kuwaiti fans from enjoying the Gulf Cup."

He remarked that conflicts and having private interests take over public ones is one of the reasons for sports failures in Kuwait and said that such conflicts must stop. "It is not accepted to have a country smaller than ours, Qatar, to organize the World Cup in 2022, while we in Kuwait ask to postpone the Gulf Cup because the grounds are not ready," he said.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Nabil Al-Fadhl said the cabinet must take a decisive decision to hold the Gulf-23 soccer tournament, and let "Talal" hit his head on the fence of Qadisiya club. "It is not right for any individual to impose his will on the state and the people," he said. MP Fadhl asked house speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem to call for an emergency session to decide on what the government did not, saying "we are facing a crime that is close to being a treason."

Security measures

MP Khalil Abdallah said that all work of all government bodies should revolve around security issues, starting with the council of ministers all the way to the smallest department. MP Abdallah said terrorism was declared against them as a state through the bombing of Imam Al-Sadeq mosque and mentioned "We must be ready to face this terrorism, and for that I propose a committee be formed within the council of ministers under the chairmanship of Deputy Premier, Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid, to take decisions on urgent matters with regards to security to face terrorism." MP Abdallah added the customs department should be under the Interior Ministry stressing the urgency to close the holes the country is facing through customs.

Manpower Authority

Acting Director of Manpower Public Authority Abdallah Al-Mutoutah said the authority is in near agreement to rent a new building in Dhajeej, adding that it asked for technical opinion about the projected validity of the new building which covers an area of 5,000 square meters. Meanwhile, Mutoutah said the authority will write to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in regards to amending the organizational structure. He added that as soon as the budget was received, the authority had a place at CSC to appoint new employees as is the case with the rest of the government bodies.

6,400 pilgrims

Awqaf Ministry asked the Interior to speed up the issuance of bedoon (stateless) passports in preparation for hajj (pilgrim). Awqaf Ministry Undersecretary Adel Al-Falah said the bedoons are in compliance of hajj rules, adding that anyone who has a passport can register in hajj campaigns. Undersecretary Falah added Kuwaiti pilgrims can register from September 10 to September 20 and hoped all commit to the dates because the number of pilgrims this year is 6,400.

By A Saleh