The National Assembly

By B Izzak

KUWAIT: Opposition MP Osama Al-Munawer yesterday threatened to file a grilling that will end the political career of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah if he does not form the new Cabinet by next Thursday. "The new cabinet has not been formed and I don't think it will be formed in the foreseeable future," Munawer told reporters.

"This is a clear message to the prime minister: If you don't form the Cabinet by next Thursday," a comprehensive grilling will be filed against you and it will "end your political career", the lawmaker warned. He said he will file the grilling during the first session of the National Assembly after the new Cabinet is formed if the period exceeds beyond next Thursday.

The prime minister resigned last month after the government boycotted the Assembly session on Jan 6, a day after three opposition MPs filed to grill the prime minister. The grilling was backed by 38 lawmakers.

The resignation was accepted by HH the Amir on Jan 18, and on Jan 24, HH the Amir renamed Sheikh Sabah to form the new Cabinet. Sheikh Sabah told editors of local dailies that he will take some time to form the Cabinet because of consultations with Assembly blocs, MPs, civil societies and others.

Meanwhile, MP Bader Al-Humaidi yesterday proposed the formation of a five-member committee to coordinate to recover funds stolen in corruption cases. He proposed that the panel will consist of two MPs, the minister of state for Assembly affairs and two economic and financial experts. The panel will have the power to go after public funds stolen by corruption cases.

MP Saud Al-Mutairi yesterday asked the finance minister about a report stating that the government has withdrawn KD 7.5 billion from the Future Generations Fund to finance the budget deficit.