KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti citizen turned himself and his vehicle in to police yesterday, confessing that he was behind a traffic accident that took place a day earlier and claimed the lives of two female Kuwaiti teachers. Security sources said that the two teachers were heading to Solafa Bint Saad school where they work to prepare for grade five final exams when the accident happened on Fahaheel expressway opposite Abdullah Port.

Civil IDs
Well-informed official sources strongly denied that the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) issues identification documents to be used instead of civil IDs in travelling abroad. The sources elaborated that the documents in question only include the information of the civil ID and those of residency validity, but they do not substitute civil IDs on traveling. "They are not accredited by the borders directorate," the sources highlighted, explaining that such documents are only issued upon residents' demand to use them in facilitating certain procedures except travelling. "They are more like 'to Whom it May Concern' certificates," the sources underlined.

Closed stores
The Public Authority for Manpower's committee entrusted with inspecting the licenses of closed non-operative stores recently found 67 closed stores in Mangaf with 542 laborers registered on them. In this regard, the committee's chairman Dr Mubarak Al-Azmi said that relevant legal actions had been taken against the violating owners, adding that the committee is 'intensively' inspecting stores in various areas on both morning and evening hours. On a different concern, the manpower authority stressed that it was currently working on finishing the paperwork needed to issue salary certificates through automated links with different banks and the subscribers in the 'As'hal' service. The authority also noted that automated linkage with co-ops was currently in progress.

By A Saleh