KUWAIT: A vehicle pictured following an accident reported in Jahra Sunday night.

KUWAIT: An Arab man was killed in a car accident reported on Sunday night between Waha and Oyoun in Jahra. Firefighters headed to the scene in response to an emergency call, and discovered that the man had already succumbed to his injuries. An investigation was opened to determine the cause of the accident.

Salmiya fire
No injuries were reported in a fire that engulfed a third-floor apartment in a Salmiya building yesterday. Firefighters had arrived to the scene shortly after the blaze was reported yesterday afternoon, and they battled the blaze after evacuating the building. An investigation was opened to reveal what caused the fire.

Traffic campaign
Ahmadi traffic department carried out a campaign in southern and northern areas yesterday against drivers who acted recklessly during New Year celebrations. Their license plates were noted down and their locations were determined. Many sports cars were impounded.

Media figure released
The public prosecution released Kuwaiti media figure Ayesha Al-Rushaid following a complaint against her by the Amiri Diwan and other officials who accused her of insulting them in an audio recording on social media, Al-Rai daily reported yesterday.

Smuggler caught
Inspectors at Rafiq Al-Hariri International Airport in Beirut detained a Kuwaiti man who was caught with possession of 195 grams of hashish. The drugs were found in the man's undergarments when he was searched while preparing to fly to Kuwait, Al-Rai reported yesterday. Separately, Kuwait International Airport customs officers arrested two men, Kuwaiti and Egyptian, in two separate cases as they arrived with eight pieces hashish and 167 illicit tablets.

Officer attacked
Concerned authorities ordered the detention of a royal family member who attacked a police officer on duty. A high-ranking security source said a misdemeanor charge was lodged against the 'sheikh' after he was accused of insulting an officer while on duty. A medical report documented the injuries as a result of the beating.

Fugitive detained
Police arrested a bedoon (stateless) man wanted to serve a total of 90 years in felony cases, most notably kidnap and rape, in addition to drug use. Police asked the suspect for his ID, but he claimed to have forgotten it at home. He then handed them proof of being a bedoon. When they checked his record, he was found to be wanted by authorities, reported Al-Rai.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies