KUWAIT: Al-Andalus and Riggae co-op society announced that two employees tested positive for the coronavirus. It added that the branch in block 9 would be closed for three days starting yesterday while workers in contact would be isolated. Meanwhile, an employees at Daiya co-op society tested positive for coronavirus, the co-op announced, adding that it would close starting yesterday until further notice.

No boundaries
The Ministry of Social Affairs announced that people with special needs, elderly who hold priority cards, doctors, pharmacists, nursing staff, laboratory technicians, engineers, engineering assistants, paramedics, and administrators in the ministry of health who are working during the curfew hours are allowed to enter co-ops without being bound by any condition, such as the area of residence.

Oil price up
KUWAIT: The price of Kuwaiti oil went up by $1.94 to $13.66 pb Wednesday as opposed to $11.72 pb the day before, said Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) yesterday. Meanwhile, future contracts of the West Texas Intermediate went up $2.27 to $15.06 pb, the same case with the Brent crude, which went up $2.08 to $22.54 pb. - KUNA

Priority parking
The department of mobile services for the elderly in the Ministry of Social Affairs launched an iPhone app for the elderly to apply in less than five minutes for a priority and parking space. Elderly citizens who are over 65 years are eligible for this service. The app is called 'Awlawiya,' and citizens can downloaded from the App Store or at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/awlawiya/id1435000697.