KUWAIT: The Cabinet will hold a meeting on Monday to review government preparations for the National Assembly elections on Thursday, which will be a national holiday to facilitate the polling process. "The meeting will look at the education ministry's preparation of 60 schools across all governorates for the interior ministry next week, and the Municipality will take over the handing over process, which will ensure their cleanliness before and after the elections. After ensuring the security of election panels, the judicial authority will begin its management of the election with more than a 1,000 judges and prosecutors who will be heading election panels and supervising the election," government sources told Kuwait Times.

The interior ministry has provided servicemen to secure election locations and organize movement in nearby streets. "The meeting will ensure the transparency of the election process. The international media will be covering the election at the invitation of the information ministry, who provided them with an information center that is planned to open next week, which will include all communication devices that will facilitate their media mission. Also in attendance will be organizations that will ensure transparent elections to empower democracies around the world," the sources said.

"The Cabinet will meet after the elections for constitutional procedures to officially resign, after which His Highness the Amir will form a new government, which is expected to be led by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf or someone else after the first meeting of the new Assembly," the sources added.