KUWAIT: MP Ahmed Al-Fadhl yesterday stressed that some MoI officials have been covering up for owners of fake social media accounts, adding that the public prosecution had detained a senior official over suspicions of involvement with the owners of such accounts. As of now, he has been released pending further investigations.

MP Ahmed Al-Fadhl

"We adopted this issue to track down rumormongers and discovered very sensitive and dangerous information about a few MoI officials who have been covering up for those account owners," Fadhl said. He pointed out that in January, he had explained to the parliament how public opinion was being manipulated by putting pressure on lawmakers and officials, but some of his colleagues had undermined his opinion and accused him of wasting the parliament's time.

Heated argument at municipality
Municipal councilmember and head of Hawally committee Abdullah Al-Roumi argued with the manager of a municipality branch over the latter's decision to dismiss a number of municipal employees for not showing up to work, said informed sources. They noted that the argument almost developed into a fistfight until security officers stopped it. The sources added that Roumi was trying to undo the dismissal decision and that both sides filed complaints about the incident with the police.

Pay your fines
The public prosecution yesterday urged both citizens and expatriates to pay any fines imposed on them for municipal violations through the ministry of justice portal at www.kuwaitcourts.gov.kw or at collection centers at the ministry in order to avoid administrative restrictions on their transactions with the municipality.

By A Saleh and Meshaal Al-Enezi