KUWAIT: The Ministry of Health (MoH) will take disciplinary action against doctors who conducted medical examinations and X-rays for expatriate patients without charging the prescribed fees for the procedures, informed sources revealed. The action will include financial consequences of those who were treated without fees.

"Inspector at the MoH noticed the uses of medical devices and services without the patient paying the bill for the service, which is usually collected by the employee before the service. After further investigation, they found out that some doctors are letting some relatives and friends, who are expatriates, to use the services without paying the required fee," sources revealed to Kuwait Times.

"The use of medical devices and X-rays is carried out individually between the competent employee and the concerned doctor, as the employee in charge of the medical device and X-rays mostly implements what is written by the doctor to the patient. It is not the responsibility of the employee to ascertain whether the patient has paid or not," the sources added.

"The decisions will include disciplinary measures against the violating doctors, including referring them to an investigation within the ministry or referring them to the Public Prosecution Office if it is found that this doctor committed these violations repeatedly," sources clarified.