KUWAIT: MoH recently arranged to prepare a special budget to appoint 530 doctors and pharmacists at Jaber Hospital after the CSC agreed to hire 500 doctors and 30 pharmacists for the hospital. Meanwhile, informed high-ranking sources stressed that both the legislative and executive powers agree on 10 bills that will be prioritized once the parliament is convened. The sources explained that the bills include granting citizenship to illegal residents once the numbers are agreed upon before the end of this year. In addition, the sources said that both powers agree on passing child protection and charity laws, in addition to amending the anti-corruption and army laws to include enlisting bedoons and non-Kuwaitis. Commenting on plans to use fingerprint check-in and -out systems with teachers, the sources said that CSC stressed that teachers were role models for others and that there was no reason why they should be exempted from using it.

Preventing fraud

Ministry of Commerce And Industry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Affairs Eid Al-Rasheedi stressed the ministry’s keenness on having strict control over local markets to prevent commercial fraud. Rasheedi added that special preparations have been made for the Eid and inspectors are deployed in various markets to monitor quality and prices, especially sheep prices.

Dead body found

The body of a citizen in his twenties was found in an Andalus park, said security sources, noting that cigarette rolling paper and a joint were found near the body, which had no IDs on it. Initial reports suggest that the cause of death might be an overdose. However, further investigations are in progress.

By A Saleh