KUWAIT: Informed sources have revealed that meetings that took place between the ministry of health and Health Assurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman) resulted in an agreement on accelerating the company's plan to start operating its health centers to receive expatriates and start treating them there instead of government clinics and hospitals, as part of the health ministry's plan to allocate its facilities to Kuwaitis only.

The sources indicated that the initial agreement was made for Dhaman to start receiving all workers in the private sector from next year, as its construction and equipment plan for its medical facilities is proceeding according to plan, pointing out that the ministry of health in the first stage will only receive expatriates working in the government sector at public clinics and hospitals. Later, they will also be prevented from treatment at government hospitals and will be treated in Dhaman hospitals.

The sources indicated that the health ministry indicated that Jaber Hospital is reserved for Kuwaitis only, and this will also be applied to the new Jahra Hospital, which has officially opened, as well as the new Farwaniya Hospital, whose first operational phase was recently inaugurated. This reservation will be implemented at all hospitals at a later stage, starting from Amiri Hospital, then Sabah Hospital.

The sources indicated that government hospitals can receive expats suffering from serious illnesses or involved in accidents, as these are urgent medical cases that cannot be delayed. They said health insurance for expatriates will be discussed and appropriate decisions will be taken, whereby a resident can choose to be treated at Dhaman hospitals or other private hospitals, provided this is within the conditions for obtaining or renewing their residency.