KUWAIT: Sources at the health ministry revealed to Kuwait Times that a batch of doctors has been contracted to work in new medical centers and hospitals that have recently opened or are to open soon. "The number of these doctors exceeds 200 Jordanians and Palestinians, who will arrive in Kuwait at the beginning of next year after completing the procedures for their appointment at the health ministry and procedures related to residency affairs," sources explained.

"This batch of doctors will be followed by another batch of nurses and technicians to work in supportive medical specialties," the sources said, adding the contracts were made through a specialized medical team. They indicated the appointees will be subject to professional examinations when they come to Kuwait, in implementation of the regulations of the Public Authority of Manpower, which calls for professional testing of every expatriate worker who comes to Kuwait.

"The health ministry is also in the process of finalizing contracts with other batches of doctors from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to complement other contracts with doctors from these countries who arrived in Kuwait and officially started work," the sources said, explaining these batches will arrive in Kuwait successively starting from the first quarter of 2023, adding new nursing staff will also arrive in Kuwait from India and the Philippines.