KUWAIT: Following up the case of an Egyptian man who went missing in Hasawi, security sources said that the man was later found dead at Jahra hospital after he was admitted there after he was run over by a half lorry truck in Amghara five days earlier. The accident happened while the man was working at a construction site, according to investigations. Hospital records showed that the man was rushed to the medical facility by a passerby, who said that the truck's driver fled the scene immediately after the accident. The man spent five days inside the intensive care unit before he succumbed to his injuries. Investigations are underway in search for the truck's driver.

Fatal crash

Two Indians were killed and eight others were injured when a vehicle collided into a bus along King Fahad highway, said security sources. A case was filed to investigate the cause of the accident.

Cable theft

The owner of a private company reported the robbery of 14 electric cable rolls from his company's warehouses in Amghara, said security sources. A case was filed and investigations are ongoing to identify and arrest the robbers.

Drug possession

Two citizens were arrested in Salmiya with possession of meth and hashish-stuffed joints, said security sources, noting that patrol officers had suspected a vehicle when the driver failed to keep it on a steady course. Both men on board were nervous, prompting police to search the car and find the drugs. A case was filed.

Salon robbed

The owner of a ladies' beauty salon in Abu Halifa reported that a Syrian hairdresser working for her stole KD 700 as well as some of the salon's tools then vanished. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Hoax call

A Kuwaiti woman was charged with making a hoax emergency call after she called police to report that her mother-in-law stabbed her during the fight. Detectives later found out that the woman suffered only bruises, and had no other injuries.

Ingrate son

Neighbors of an elderly Kuwaiti mother reported that the woman's sixteen-year-old son had slapped her several times and threw her out of their house. A case was filed and the son is being summoned.

Smuggling foiled

Doha custom inspectors foiled an attempt to smuggle a falcon and ten Houbara Bustard birds that were hidden on a boat arriving from Iran. - Translated from the Arabic press