KUWAIT: The Ministry of Services announced paying overdue payments to the contracted postal parcels delivery company, noting that the company promised to return its staff to various post offices and work on increasing their working hours so that they can handle the accumulated undelivered parcels. Mail delivery personnel had recently went on strike in protest of their unpaid wages, which left large amounts of packages stacked up at box offices around Kuwait. The ministry added that all approvals needed to extend the company's contract for six more months (till the end of November) had been provided. In addition, the ministry said that it also got official approvals to offer three tenders concerning providing mail delivery services in all six governorates with a total value of over KD 3 million for public bidding tomorrow, noting that each tender covers two governorates.

Data exchange
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Kuwait Municipality signed a memorandum of understanding to exchange data concerning detailed Public Authority of Civil Information's address numbers, said informed sources. The sources added that both sides will exchange data through an electronic link to be launched after uploading various forms through the Kuwait Business Center website and municipal systems.

Municipality campaign
Kuwait Municipality public relations department announced the Capital's acting cleaning department manager Jamal Al-Fadhli said the department had a special plan to enhance cleanliness levels in Mubarakiya and Salhiya markets through a set schedule. Fadhli reminded that according to bylaw number 9/87, those littering (throwing garbage, paper, tissues, cans and cigarette butts) on pavements, yards, streets and squares will be fined up to KD 200, adding that an inspection campaign was launched in the two markets and resulted in filing 55 violations of bylaw number 9/87, 30 cleaning citations and arresting 17 peddlers.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi