Start-up incubator to receive access to Microsoft

KUWAIT: Microsoft yesterday announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cubical Services, a business incubator that offers planning, implementation, and operation services to aspiring entrepreneurs and to start-ups in line with the Kuwait Vision 2035.

"The role of start-ups and small businesses is well known," said Charles Nahas, General Manager, Microsoft Kuwait. "Their activities have long made up the lion's share of non-oil GDP in the region. Supporting fledgling innovators as they push the frontiers of human endeavor has always been a passion of ours, here at Microsoft. As we work with Cubical Services Business Incubator to provide access to our Microsoft for Start-ups initiative, we continue our support for Vision 2035, by equipping the Kuwaiti entrepreneurial community with everything it needs to innovate freely and achieve more."

Under the terms of the MoU, Microsoft will provide access for selected businesses to its Microsoft for Start-ups program, which is designed to accelerate growth and innovation using the intelligent cloud. Cubical Services' Business Incubator serves entrepreneurs and business owners through four main divisions which are the SME Division, Real Estate Division, Incubation Programs Division, and Entrepreneurship Programs Division

"Vision 2035 demands the full commitment of incubators like Cubical Services," said Abdulrahman J Alfawaz, CEO of Cubical Services. "But we also seek out partners that can support our efforts to guide, encourage and empower our homegrown innovators and entrepreneurs. Microsoft's track record of mentoring businesses that are just starting out is exemplary. We now set out as partners to accelerate SME sector growth in pursuit of a future that will benefit all Kuwaitis."

Cubical Services will also promote the Microsoft for Start-ups program to its clients and refer start-ups that meet certain criteria to Microsoft, for inclusion in the scheme. In turn, Microsoft will refer suitable start-ups to Cubical Services for its own incubation program.

Some start-ups may also qualify for Microsoft workshop opportunities, where entrepreneurs and their leadership teams will receive training in person by Microsoft industry experts, through presentations, exercises, case studies, online videos and Q&A sessions. In some instances, Microsoft may also offer part-time consultancy delivered by its product experts and business and technical leaders.

Cubical Services is Kuwait's first officially licensed, one-stop business incubator, qualified by the National Fund. Cubical Services strives to actively encourage current and potential entrepreneurs to successfully execute their business ambitions by offering all-inclusive services and support in every part of an entrepreneurs' business cycle to create a healthy ecosystem where entrepreneurs can fulfil their business potential in order to enrich the Kuwaiti economy and elevate its talents regionally and internationally.

Since its launch Cubical Services has worked on over a total of 500 projects and 1,000 entrepreneurs ranging from fully implementing the business to managing the full operations of an established business and gained experience in the following industries: Business Services, Consumer Services, Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Non-profit, Real Estate and Construction, Retail, Fashion, Software and Internet, Food and Beverage, and Wholesale and Distribution.