By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Some parents won't let their kids play sports due to concussion risks, which may prevent the child from developing his self-affirmation, expanding personal boundaries, and evolving his physical courage. Motocross is a dirt-bike racing sport in which riders compete on off-road courses like gravel, mud, or grassy roads. The risks are worth the rewards in a child's development; that is what the father of Thunayyan Al-Buloshi believes. He is supporting his child by all means to achieve his son's dream of being involved in a unique extreme sport in Kuwait.

KUWAIT: Thunayyan Al-Buloshi shows off his medals and trophy won in his young career.

Buloshi, a 10-year-old Kuwaiti boy, is passionate about being a star in the motocross sport. He practiced basic riding skills to improve his techniques. Riders must find just about every way to have fun in the dirt, from spending a great day riding at the track or trail, to competing in organized races. That is why the sixth grader chose 'Keep Smiling' as his motto. Buloshi told Kuwait Times that he started in the dirt bike sport five months ago, due to his love of the extreme sport to kick the adrenaline up. "I ride for fun and hope to reach the professional level in the future," he said.

Buloshi has been in two races in the UK. "I was the first Kuwaiti to collaborate with FAB-Racing, I got first place in motocross track, and I got a trophy for the first base," he said. "My Parents encourage me to evolve in the game. My father wants me to skydive with him, but due to age restrictions, I did dirt bike sport instead. I take all the precautions in order not to get serious injuries," he noted.

'I can do it'

Buloshi is planning to participate in a major race in Kuwait next month, adding, "I will participate in the KTM race. There is a camp that I will sign up for to get the proper training." He has a dream to be experienced as a dirt biker and teach the sport to other young bikers. "I want to be able to finish the Rally Dakar which is every motocross rider's dream. I only have to believe in myself that I can do it. My father taught me when I was seven years old; I started with a bicycle step by step until I could ride the bike. I'm waiting for my younger brother to reach three years old to teach him how to ride an electric bicycle."

Meet Thunayyan Al-Buloshi, Kuwait's young and aspiring motocross rider
Meet Thunayyan Al-Buloshi, Kuwait's young and aspiring motocross rider
Meet Thunayyan Al-Buloshi, Kuwait's young and aspiring motocross rider

Buloshi's father thinks that motocross sport does not have a big focus in Kuwait, which is why he supports his child to be able to evolve. "Most parents are afraid of getting their children to be involved in such sport," he pointed out. "I worry about my child, but if there is safety, things will be good. My son will get my full support; I will make him participate in local, regional, and international races. I will get him a private coach to teach him the latest techniques in dirt bike sport. I bought him the KTM 65 bike for KD 1,700. I'm investing in my son."

"Kuwait has only one annual race called Kuwait Motor Town (KMT). My child is guided by Omar Al-Medlej, who is a biker in the Kuwaiti army along with his Coach Mohammed Jaffar, a professional KTM rider," he indicated. "He is getting proper training and practicing. There are a lot of races that he will participate in." He expressed his hope to open an academy for his son in the future in order to reach more young people and teach children this kind of sport like the MX Factory academy.