The Real Fouz The Real Fouz

Some days I feel like it is impossible to just sit down and relax with nothing on my mind and not worrying about what I'm going to be doing every second of the day. I also feel like I need more than 24 hours a day to finish all my work. It's even worse when you're obsessed with work and it takes up 99% of your life. Sometimes we get so caught up with our career or our job, trying to perfect it, fixing any mistakes and even pushing harder to reach our utmost potential and loosing ourselves in the mist of it all.

Numerous times I've tried to take a break, and just free my mind from what can be an extremely fast lifestyle, until I realized that the reality of my job is that it requires me to be available and committed every hour of every day, which isn't a bad thing when you love your job, but it sure can be stressful sometimes. This is why I've tried so many things to detach myself from reality, to relief stress, and to find a few hours and sometimes a few minutes for myself to clear out my mind.

So, we've all seen and heard people say that working out releases stress, yoga also helps out a lot and I've come to believe that I am just not one of those people! Working out and doing yoga several times a week is definitely healthy and good for you, however, that's not what I was looking for, I was searching for something, any exercise that I can do to lower my stress levels. While trying all these new techniques and reading up a lot about exercises, I said why not trying meditation. I went online and read about meditation and how it benefits your mind, and of course automatically I said this is not going to work and this is just another hippie thing to do. After a few tries, I actually detached and calmed down while meditating and it was the best thing I've ever done!

The benefits for your emotional being from meditation are:

1- It decreases stress and anxiety.

2- Enhances self-esteem and lowers depression for people who suffer from being social and expressive.

3- Helps prevent emotional eating and smoking.

4- Improves your mood and emotional wellbeing.

The Benefits for your mind:

1- Increases mental health and focus.

2- Improves your memory.

3- Helps ignore distraction.

4- If you have ADHD, it helps your brain manage it more and correctly.

5- Practices your brain to solve problems more effectively with better thinking.

The Benefits for the overall health of your body:

1- Improves your immune system.

2- Lowers blood pressure.

3- Improves your heart rate and breaths.

4- Lessens heart and brain problems.

With all of these benefits, meditation is super healthy for you and only when you find the right way to do it, because as I mentioned, not everyone can meditate the same way, sometimes a certain way won't work for you neither will it allows you to detach and meditate because it's all about finding peace in your mind and allowing your entire body to feel okay about being peaceful and numb, and just letting go of literally anything.

Read up about meditation and it is a great plus if you can find meditation music that can work for you, it's really helpful for you to get in tune with your body and some music is actually good meditation music for those who have problems with sleeping, I tried it and for a while I was a bit obsessed. You can try anything in the world, no matter how crazy it is, if you truly believe in it you will do it and it will work just perfectly for you. Your brain is more powerful than you think it is, use it wisely to benefit yourself and your health. Find your own peace!