KUWAIT: Police arrested a man carrying a gun inside Kuwait International Airport's Terminal 1 yesterday, the Interior Ministry said. The suspect had approached security officers, then pointed a gun to his own head, prompting police to evacuate the area. They then surrounded the suspect until he entered a safe zone where he was disarmed and arrested, the ministry said in a statement. The suspect, Kuwaiti, was inebriated at the time of arrest. The man has a criminal record and was previously deported from an Arab country for his misconduct, the ministry explained.

Five hurt in crash
Five persons were injured during a collision between an ambulance and a bus carrying workers on Abdali highway. The medical emergencies department said an accident took place resulting in the injury of five persons, including two paramedics. The injured were transferred to hospital by helicopter and four ambulances, all in good condition.

Firemen put out a blaze reported in a store on the ground floor of a building in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. The building was evacuated while the fire was put out. No injuries were reported in the incident. A case was filed for investigations to reveal the cause of the fire.

A Gulf national was arrested while attempting to leave the country illegally. The interior ministry's relations and security information department said two Gulf nationals attempted to smuggle him out by hiding him in their car in exchange of money. All were sent to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun