KUWAIT: A citizen confessed to storming into his divorced wife's residence and beating her along with her mother causing them various bruises. The citizen and her Iraqi mother lodged a complaint at the police station. The man justified his action by claiming he was very angry. He was charged with entering a house with the intent to commit a crime and was detained.

Illegal fireworks discovered

Customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle a shipment of fireworks hidden in a container that arrived from China. Legal action is being taken, following an accounting of all materials included in the shipment.

Drug smuggling foiled

Abdaly customs officers foiled the attempt of a Syrian to smuggle 180,000 illicit tablets in a truck that delivered a load of coal to Iraq and was on its way back. The driver and Captagon tablets were sent to Drugs Control General Department.

Neighbors clash

An Iraqi expat accused her Jordanian neighbor of beating her following a dispute between the two. The Jordanian told police her Iraqi neighbor was the one who started the fight and hit her first. Investigations are ongoing.