KUWAIT: A drunken
man went into his neighbor's diwaniya saying "I want to sleep". The
neighbor turned him over to police, who charged him with entering a home and
drunkenness. The suspect parked his car in the middle of the street and entered
the diwaniya. The shocked neighbor called police and told them his neighbor
disturbs him continuously because of his drinking.


Two citizens
exchanged blows in Hawally due to a traffic dispute. Pedestrians broke up the
fight, then both went to the police station and lodged complaints.
Investigations are underway.

Smuggling foiled

Salmi customs
officers discovered an attempt by a citizen to smuggle hashish hidden in
oranges as he arrived from Saudi Arabia. He was sent to the Drugs Control
General Department. Officers found one kilogram of hashish, 54 Captagon
tablets, 29 banned tablets and suspected shabu.

Sheep theft

A police night
patrol in Salmi led to the arrest of a sheep thief, who was sent to concerned
authorities with his stolen animals. The suspect was driving a pick-up truck
with nine sheep. He was stopped and confessed to stealing them from a farm at


Police arrested a
drunken citizen accused by a Syrian of attempting to kidnap his son. Police
asked detectives to bring in the suspect who was at his house, so a warrant was
obtained. He resisted arrest and exchanged blows with officers. A source said
detectives were not able to question him because he was extremely drunk. He was
detained to face legal action after he sobers up.


An Egyptian
accused her neighbor, a citizen, of insulting and threatening her due to a
dispute over a car parking spot. The Egyptian said all building residents know
that the spot is hers, but she was surprised to find her neighbor's car parked
there. When she asked her to move it, she verbally insulted and threatened her.


Ahmadi police
arrested a citizen wanted on swindling cases following resistance and failed
attempts to escape. Ahmadi patrols in Fintas stopped the suspect at night and
found him wanted on fraud cases. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai