KUWAIT: A fight took place in Messila and shooting was heard. Police received a call about the fight, and when they arrived at the scene, they found a man with an injured leg. He was taken to hospital. Meanwhile, detectives are gathering information about the suspect who escaped. Separately, a fight between eight women took place in a Salmiya café and ended at the police station. It was all laughs and shisha smoking before things turned into screams and insults, then a fight. People there stopped a police patrol, which called for backup. All eight women were taken to Salmiya police and their guardians were called. The differences were resolved and undertakings were given.

Indecent acts

Five persons including a girl in a parked car ended up at the police station, after they were reportedly engaged in indecent acts. The suspects denied any wrongdoing and said they were heading to a café, and what delayed them was an issue they were discussing. Police took them to the station and lodged a case against them.

Cross-dresser arrested

Patrons of a café did not imagine when they called police about a couple engaged in indecent acts that who they thought was a woman was actually a cross-dresser. A security source said police received a call from patrons of a Salmiya cafe about a man and a woman acting indecently, so a patrol went to the café, and everyone was shocked to discover that whom they thought was a woman was actually a male. Both were arrested and taken to the police station.

Man saved

Citizens and expatriates rescued a Kuwaiti man who was swept by waters when he was swimming near Mangaf. The citizen was swimming when waters swept him away and he started calling for help. Citizens and expats called police, but did not wait and swam towards him and were able to bring him back. The citizen was taken to Adan Hospital for checks.

Heated argument

A fight between a citizen and his stepmother ended up at Qairawan police station, where she claimed he caused the fight. He answered that she is the one who started creating problems. The fight was the result old problems that kept accumulating, and an argument that occurred on Friday that evolved into beatings and verbal exchanges, and both rushed to the police station and exchanged charges. Police are working on the case.

Drugged driver detained

Policemen arrested a citizen in his 30s who was driving recklessly in Farwaniya under the influence of drugs. He also had bags of shabu and heroin. The arrest was made during a routine patrol in Farwaniya. The suspect was sent to concerned authorities. - Al-Qabas