KUWAIT: Nuwaiseeb detectives arrested a citizen who made his friend believe that he shipped his car to a Gulf country, although he dismantled it and sold it as spare parts to a Fahaheel garage. A security source said a Gulf national told Nuwaiseeb police that his 19-year-old Kuwaiti friend tricked him into believing that he will help him ship his car to a Gulf country as soon as the paperwork is completed. When a long time passed by and nothing happened, the friend began to avoid him, until finally the Gulf national lodged a complaint. Detectives took over the case and located the residence of the suspect and arrested him. He confessed to the charges, adding that he dismantled the car and sold the parts to a Fahaheel garage. Detectives went to the garage and found the parts the suspect had sold and they were confiscated.


The criminal court sentenced a businessman and four municipality employees, one of whom is an engineer, to three years in jail for forging official documents. Detectives found that the businessman wanted to get a specifications certificate for six plots of land to merge and register them in the name of a company without inspection by the municipality because of violations. He asked one of the engineers to process the certificate. The engineer agreed and told him an expat said he is ready to help them for KD 30,000. The businessman obliged and the forgery was done.

Fake detective

A citizen who was impersonating a detective stopped a young man in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh, made him get out of his car and swore at him, before telling him "I will forgive you this time." The young man went to the police station, and officers arrested the fake detective.

Drunk man arrested

A drunk man was arrested and detained at Fahaheel police station after he disturbed shoppers inside a mall. Police responded to a call about a man bothering shoppers at a mall and forcing them to talk to him. He was charged with public drunkenness.

Domestic violence

A Filipina woman injured her husband's lower back when she attacked him while asleep. The victim told Qurain police, after he handed them a medical report stating his injuries, that he woke up after his wife attacked him with a sharp object. Investigations are underway.


Capital police arrested a man in Yarmouk with possession of seals and official documents suspected of being forged, along with drugs and liquor, and he was sent to concerned authorities. A police patrol stopped the Indian man who looked nervous, so he was searched and the seals and documents, 30 illicit tablets and two liquor bottles were found. The Indian attempted to flee on foot but was caught.

Break-in at Ambassador's house

The house of a Gulf ambassador was broken into while he was outside the country. The thief stole receivers, smartphones and TV subscription cards, and it is still not known if there are other things missing, because the diplomat who informed Adailiya police about the theft said the ambassador is still outside the country. - Al-Rai